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Meaning “teeth” in Russian, Zuby is a premium natural toothpaste with all of the good stuff and none of the bad contained in commercial products.  Aloe vera works wonders for the health of your gums.  Calcium carbonate is a mild abrasive which safely removes plaque and gently polishes away surface stains.  Xylitol may help reduce dental plaque and eliminate cavities.  Baking soda neutralizes the acids in your mouth further preventing cavities and diatomaceous earth remineralizes and strengthens teeth.  SLSa is an Eco-certified cleanser, biodegradable and sustainable, certainly a much safer alternative to SLS, for you and the planet.  Now that’s a lot of good!

Take the Zuby Challenge
Use Zuby solely for 1 full week then go back to your usual commercial toothpaste before forming an opinion.  Most folks say their teeth have never felt cleaner and their original product is like brushing with sugar paste!  What do you think??? We’d love to know.

Ingredients: aloe vera, xylitol, calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, diatomaceous earth, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, mint essential oils, titanium dioxide (natural mineral color), xanthan gum.


6 oz. tube / 1 oz. jar


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