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testimonials“Robilotti Salon is a warm and inviting salon. Sue gives great precision hair cuts & colors, and you always come out looking great. I also want to review her handmade hair, skin, and body product line here. All her products are great and she has carefully researched all the ingredients to be very mild even for the most sensitive skin. I can’t use any commercial Creme Rinse product for may hair except Sue’s. Everything else make my head itch. And I love her Shower Power body wash. There’s lots of different scents and they all smell great. If you are in her neighborhood, you should stop by and try the products. You’ll be hooked.”
-Holly R.

“Love the room sprays, lip balms, and body scrub. Great scents and huge peace of mind knowing these are made with no unnecessary ingredients. Also, the prices are amazing and they come in adorable packaging.”
-Jen Green

“Sue has taken care of my hair for over 35 years. Sue has a license in New York State for Cosmetology- If I had not known her background, I would have guessed that she holds degrees in Advanced Chemistry, Microbiology, Scientific Research, Laboratory Analysis etc. The products that Sue designs are both healthy and helpful. Oh, and Sue’s heart is gigantic- she cares for each of her customers as if they are a relative or dear friend. Her art and her products demonstrate just how much she cares❤.”
-Michele Casale

“Amazing Soft Sweet Scent’s My Skin Has Never Felt So Soft. Usually The Body Cream I Have Bought Are Horrible. I Have To Rinse Them Off That’s How Flimsy Irritated To Greasy They Were. Bliss Body Butter Was Sensational. It Hydrated Moisture My Skin… I’m Itchy No More. The Foot Cream Was Sensational. Never Did I Buy A Sensational Foot Cream Smooth My Feet So Soft Fresh Scent Amazing. Shampoos Felt Like My Teenage Years Soft Body No More Frizz Unbelievable. Hand Cream Happy Hands Sensational, Dew Drops OMG My Frizzy Days Are Over Very Pleased Looking Forward To Trying More Products. I Love robilotti.biz Sensational.”
-Frances McGahan

“I ordered several different products and loved them all! The bar soap is absolutely amazing and my favorite is the coconut lemongrass soap. Makes my skin feel amazing. I did purchase some other different scents in the bar soap but I didn’t get to personally try then because my kids took them, lol, However they did love them. The laundry stain stick works great! I did purchase one for my son as well and he agrees how great it works. He used it to get the sweat stains out of his expensive ball caps. My daughter loves her laundry stick and it gets plenty of use with their three sons ( her youngest is 4 months old). The hot flash spray is incredible and I keep it with me at all times since I never know when one will strike. I ordered one for a friend of mine and she loves it and the added bonus is it is all natural! Customer service was fabulous. My order arrived very quickly and was exactly what I ordered and it was wrapped in eco friendly packaging!! Win Win Win! Definitely will be purchasing more products in the future. Looking forward to what products they create in the future.”
-Kathy Bateman

“I have tried several of the Robilotti crafted soaps and love them all, but the ‘Himalayan Sea Salt’ is just AMAZING; it smells so good I want to stay in the shower all day and it makes me feel like a herd of unicorns playing with a pod of mermaids. ‘Naked Goat’ is great for my face, and ‘Coconut Lemongrass’ is gently exfoliating and moisturizing (great after-sun care). I also love the recycled, no-plastic packaging.”
-Joyce Klaus

“I was having hot flashes and I was introduced to this amazing product called “Lady Chiller” by a good friend, Kathy DeLuca. I was almost ready to consider undergoing hormonal treatment for the hot flashes and I was so glad I found this alternative treatment with all-natural ingredients. When I feel a flash about to start and a few sprays and it’s gone. What a life changer this product has been!!”
-Deb Fahey

“Love Sue’s enthusiasm, generosity, and professionalism….environmentally conscience and quality products”
-Brenda Conti

“Sue has been my stylist for over 10 years. She is a master artisan and now a master craftswoman with all of her products for hair, skin and home!!”
-Cornelia Downs

“Sue is a perfectionist at everything she does. I get the best hair cut that just falls into place without fussing. Her homemade all natural products are thoroughly researched and are offered at a great price. Nothing is better than natural. Let’s get back to the best mother nature has to offer.”
-Darlene Silvernail-Bucinell

“Love the body creams (butters?) in the jars..and soaps!”
-Brenda Cave-James

“I’ve been using Sue’s products for years and they are the best. I recently started using Nobeo, and all I have to say is “Nobeo is the way to go.”
-Sandy R Vavalle

“I love the precision and perfection with which Sue has taken care of my hair. Her passion for her work brings me back whenever I’m in town. I just purchased some of her products tonight and I love them. Definitely, plan on more in a couple of days. Perfect outcome every time!”
-Najla Okby McHale

“Sue’s lotions and potions are the best quality. Moisturizing without being greasy. The scents are amazing; Love the ginger lime and Asian sunrise.”
-Percival-Rose Murphy

“Sue has taken care of my hair for years! She does a great job. She also makes wonderful products. She just made my daughters baby shower favors-they are perfect! I just bought her soap and it is amazing. My skin feels great!”
-Jan Benjamin Kasten

“The ooh la la toe tingling cream was amazing! My wife loves it!!”
-Chris McAndrew

“We love the skin care products. The oatmeal soap is fabulous.”
-Julie Anderson Pinn

“Superb services, great atmosphere, wonderful products! Sue is simply the best!”
-Eileen Gilroy

“I have never tried a product that I didn’t like! My newest favorite is the Zuby Tooth Polish! This toothpaste is AMAZING! My teeth have never felt this clean with any of the commercial products out there, and it has the delightful and much sought after bonus feature of not causing allergic blisters in my mouth!!!! Hooray, Thank you Sue McGahon Robilotti, I finally look forward to polishing my Zuby !!!!!!!!!”
-Sarah Tye

“I’ve found my new hair stylist..my color is beautiful..n probably one of the best cuts I’ve had… Sue takes her time n makes sure your satisfied…my hairs always been dry and frizzy till I tried robilotti’s shampoo, conditioner, and hair products n it’s like the hair I’ve always dreamed of having…p.s…besides bliss..my new fave is Jasmine…definitely a 5 star!!”
-Jessie Baldwin

Anyone who knows me knows I struggle with dry skin and naturally dry frizzy curly hair. I discovered Sue’s products and fell in love. Not only are they rich and luxurious, but smell beautiful. In the winter I tried her soap and cream and was hooked. Now I tried her shampoo and conditioner and it’s magic in bottles. With my hair, I’m a tough critique. I’ve tried numerous products and can attest she created something special. When I went to her shop, I realized her stuff is not only made from her love for what she does; but true research into the chemistry. It’s awesome to buy products that turn out to be what you were hoping for when you bought them. Thanks, Sue! Sincerely Jen Masters.
-Jen Masters

I have been in the habit of changing deodorants every few months because they just stop working. I am told it has something to do with menopause and hormonal shifts. I received a sample of this deodorant and tried it. It is remarkable! I gave it the real test. I applied it on a Friday morning and made it through Sunday no problem.

My experiment was interrupted by a shower after a heavy gardening day yet, the deodorant still held up. It has a lovely light scent and a smooth texture. I am happy to have found my new go-to deodorant and pleased to know it’s all natural without the chemicals of commercial products.
-Jennifer Barnaby