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Deodorant, especially natural deodorant, is one of the most personally particular products out there…in our opinion. That is precisely why we created this adorable little tester for you, to make sure our formula is fully effective for your chemistry. Don’t forget to tell us what you think!

Nobeo effectively neutralizes the smell of sweat without disrupting our natural processes.

Nobeo is NOT an antiperspirant.  Deodorant is used to neutralize the smell of sweat, while antiperspirant is used to stop you from sweating.  Antiperspirants work by closing the pores within the sweat duct with aluminum ions. So if sweating is our body’s natural cooling process, why would we want to stop that?  Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Nobeo contains NO aluminum, talc, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, triclosan, beeswax or nut oils. Its’ clean neutral scent is suitable for most schnozzes.

Adjusting to natural deodorant
If you are used to using an antiperspirant you will likely go through an adjustment period when you make the switch. Every person’s chemistry is different but I find it takes about three to five days to clean the aluminum out of your pores to allow your sweat glands to work properly again. During this time you may feel sticky and a bit smelly, but if you give it a chance this will subside. It may be applied several times per day if needed without risk of irritating your skin because our product does not contain baking soda. As a hairstylist who’s pits are hanging over people’s faces all day, I can attest that it works! Happy Sweating 🙂

Zinc ricinoleate: Highly effective deodorant base on the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid.  ZR works in that it chemically fixes traps & absorbs odor molecules formed during the bacterial decomposition of perspiration.  It does not inhibit transpiration and is therefore not an antiperspirant.  ZR has no bactericidal or fungicidal properties thus it does not interfere with the natural flora of the skin.

Deodorant additive (saccharomyces ferment, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate): The saccharomyces ferment is a bacterial enzyme from a type of yeast known as saccharomyces cerevisiae that uses ammonia (the bad, smelly stuff in sweat) to make amino acids.  This specific type of yeast enzyme can utilize the ammonia for its major source of nitrogen.  Potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate are both food preservatives that inhibit the growth of yeast, however not the function.  So essentially it lets the enzymes do their job, keeps the amino acids from forming yeast and the bacteria in the underarm area at a minimum.

Candelilla wax: Unlike beeswax, natural deodorants that use candelilla wax don’t leave a residue on skin and clothing.  CW is thin and smooth, producing products that spread thinly and absorb quickly vs. beeswax which can feel sticky and is plant-based, thus a suitable vegan alternative.  It is skin conditioning, easily absorbed, odorless and rich in nutrients.

Coconut oil: The antibacterial and antiviral properties of lauric acid, a component of coconut oil, may kill odor-causing bacteria that flourish in warm moist areas of the skin.  Another use for CO as a deodorant is to hydrate the skin.  If you have dry, cracked areas under the arms due to shaving, CO deodorant may prevent continued damage.  Underarm skin can be extremely sensitive.  The chemicals found in antiperspirants and commercial deodorants may cause irritation to the pores and hair follicles in the armpit region.  Coconut oil deodorant, on the other hand, has anti-inflammatory effects when used topically.  Plus, it contains antioxidants that can fight free radicals that lead to inflammation.

Jojoba oil: Actually a liquid wax, it dries quickly and won’t leave your clothes oil stained.  Unlike other skincare oils, the structure of jojoba is very similar to the natural oils of our skin and immediately penetrates without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue.  Because jojoba oil is hypo-allergenic, it is recommended for people with sensitive skin or dermatitis.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help tame chaffing and chapping.

Mango butter: Nutrient dense and creamy, mango butter adds a drier, less sticky feel than other commonly used butter.

IPM (isopropyl myristate): IPM is a synthetic oil used as an emollient, thickening agent and lubricant in beauty products.  IPM is easily absorbed by the skin, ensuring quick penetration of a formula’s ingredients.  A unique characteristic of IPM is its ability to reduce the greasy feel caused by the high oil content of other ingredients in a product.  It is often added to products to give them a slick and sheer rather than an oily feel.

Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant, vitamin E helps preserve the formula’s oils.

Arrowroot: Arrowroot serves as a thickener in this deodorant, absorbs moisture and also has the power to help draw out toxins.  Sweet!  Since when we sweat we are eliminating toxins, why not help draw them out!?

Kaolin clay: White Kaolin clay is a very fine and light clay with absorbency properties.  It is the mildest of all clay and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Cyclomethicone: Used to add glide in the application and prevent stickiness.

Essential oil blend: Lavender, rosemary, melaleuca, bergamot, lemon, and orange.

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  1. Jennifer Barnaby

    I have been in the habit of changing deodorants every few months because they just stop working. I am told it has something to do with menopause and hormonal shifts.
    I received a sample of this deodorant, and tried it. It is remarkable! I gave it the real test. I applied it on a Friday morning, and made it through Sunday no problem. My experiment was interrupted by a shower after a heavy gardening day yet, the deodorant still held up. It has a lovely light scent and a smooth texture. I am happy to have found my new go to deodorant, and pleased to know it’s all natural without the chemicals of commercial products.

  2. Joyce Klaus

    I received this as a sample with my order and WOW! I am hooked! I’ve tried other ‘natural’ deodorants and they either didn’t work well or made me break out. This stuff is gentle on the skin and effective at neutralizing odors. It smells SO good – not overpowering but just subtle and nice. The texture is silky and it moisturizes my skin. I’m putting in my order for more now!

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