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I Don’t Sell Products, I Encourage Lifestyle.

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The reason I found it so difficult to sell my products is because I’m not a salesman.  This doesn’t mean I didn’t make sales, it means I was uncomfortable with selling just to sell.  Eventually, after I started hearing your experiences with other products, both good and bad, it sparked my passion and belief in my line.  I no longer sold products, I shared ideas to foster a healthful lifestyle.  Now you are talking my game!  That came naturally to me.  It became easier and easier with every show.

I expose myself to a minimal amount of media in any form.  (Thus my resistance to Facebook and other forms of social media which is a necessary aspect of this biz.)  Pretty much all I listen to is NPR on the radio when I’m cooking and an occasional episode of 60 Minutes On Demand because out of thousands of movies and shows there is not much else that holds my interest or keeps me awake.  (I have 2 speeds, fast and off!)  Most of what is on TV is stupid, in my opinion.  I’d rather read a good book, a real paper book.  Once in a while when I do see and hear what the average American is exposed to ALL DAY EVERY DAY I truly am shocked…and appalled.  We are slowly becoming dumbed down by insidious marketing which is changing us at the cellular level.  It’s no wonder we are a sick and depressed society.  A book on my reading list is “The Hacking of the American Mind: The Science Behind the Corporate Takeover of Our Bodies and Brains” by Robert Lustig.  I heard part of an interview with him on NPR.  Quite disturbing.

The more I learn about ingredients and what they cost, or don’t cost, the more it fuels my fire and drives me to expose the truth.  I am amazed at how many otherwise intelligent, educated people are duped into believing the smaller the amount and higher the price it must be an amazing product.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!  Marketers take advantage of vulnerable folks who don’t like themselves the way they are by fully convincing them they’re right and creating a need for some wonder product that is going to fix everything.  Have you lived happily ever after as a result?  How many partially used “Dream Creams” do you have in your cupboard?  Did the “Lipo in a Jar” get rid of your cellulite and turn you into pin-up material?  I didn’t think so.

The only thing that can fix us is us.  Minimalism and a healthful lifestyle is far easier, less time consuming and way less expensive than the alternative.  Through it we can be happier, feel better and enjoy more of the niceties life has to offer.  I know because I too have experienced the alternative.  It’s no fun.  Eat simple whole food, move your body and stretch every day, reduce the amount of all commercial products in your home, talk to more people face to face and take a minute or more to get quiet and focus on all the blessings in your life.  And for goodness sake, learn to read labels!!!

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  2. working for a cable company has been my detriment in a bunch of ways–one, that I don’t believe in them-they’ve always been the “enemy” in my many years as a consumer and with really only 5 companies controlling all the information being sorted out to us across the country/world, it is sad and very true that we are being harvested and changed on a cellular level, so I feel a bit of my soul is being eaten away (why do I stay?–I know!) the second thing that is most harming working for this company is I get all free services and with all of that at my fingertips and the addictive personality–well-you know where I spend a lot of my time. (same place I did before I got clean!) I truly believe in your lifestyle though Susan and applaud you! I Love your life–and hope to hook up with you soon! Much love and keep writing!

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