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Get to Know Me: Peace, Love and Rock & Roll, the Universal 3

If you know a bit about how I roll, you will better understand the intention of my product line.

Peace.  My goal is to help simplify…my life, your life, our culture, the planet.  The less clutter of every sort, physically and mentally, will automatically bring peace to each of us, thus collectively as a whole.  You or I may not be able to create peace worldwide, but we absolutely can begin with ourselves, thus make a huge impact globally.  It really is that simple.  My products are peaceful in that you don’t need 100 different potions to do the job of a few.  The ingredients are few and effective and the products speak for themselves without a bunch of ridiculous marketing schemes.  And they don’t create financial stress because you don’t need a $75 face cream.  Take away the nonsense and begin to create peace.

Love.  Wow.  This is a biggie.  It’d be rather cliche if I said there is a little love in all my products.  Of course there is.  I don’t do anything I don’t love.  (Well, that’s a bit of a stretch.  I don’t exactly love washing windows!)  But I am pretty all-or-nothing.  Why bother doing anything without giving it all you’ve got?  On another note, I think of love as equality.  We are all born and die the same.  That means we, as human beings, are all the same.  There is no one above us or below us.  It matters not your wealth or poverty.  When I was a little girl my mother met a celebrity.  Her friends couldn’t believe she wasn’t nervous.  She responded, “Why should I be?  His sh_t smells the same as mine!”  That pretty much shaped me.  She told it like it is and I do too.  What you see is what you get.  I have no need to put on airs.  Love thy neighbor as yourself.

Rock & roll.  Music is the universal language.  Maybe another cliche, but it is absolute truth.  The other day I was out for a walk in the sunshine.  A young woman was waiting to cross the street and was grooving to music in her headphones.  I started dancing with her and asked what she was listening to.  She said, “Ohhhh, it’s real good!”  I asked if I could listen and she handed me an earbud.  It was real good!  I found the groove and there we stood dancing together on the curb.  The song ended and on our separate ways we went, with a bounce in our step and a smile on our face.  Separate…but together.  Nuff said.

5 thoughts on “Get to Know Me: Peace, Love and Rock & Roll, the Universal 3

  1. This is why I LOVE you! A stranger, a shared groove and a smile given w/Love! Rock on in Peace n Love Girl!!!

    1. And that’s why I love YOU!!!

  2. I love you! Hope this goes around the world. Love! Love! Love!

    1. One person at a time 🙂

  3. Oh yea!

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