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Choose to Recirculate Rather Than Accumulate

I live in a circle of a flowing exchange of energy.  Literally.  Within a 2 mile radius I conduct the majority of my business with approximately 9 other mostly small businesses.  One day while making my rounds, on foot no less because it is all so close, I came to an incredible realization.  Each of these companies does business with each of the others (with the exception of the beauty supply store!).  One purchases from me and I spend that money at another of us and so on.  We totally support one another at an up close and personal level.  How cool is that???  When the s__t hits the fan on a large scale, we have a way better chance of survival by taking care of each other in this way.  Even the energy I expend on my walk I refill with lunch at a nearby diner!

“To have and not give is often worse than to steal.” is one of my favorite quotes (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, writer).  Think about it.  If our hand is tightly closed it is not open to give.  Anything more than what we truly need is wasted.  What good does accumulating anything really do?  It eventually leads to a dead end, and ironically, an empty life.  So the next time you bring home some “new to you” clothes, give away some others to be “new” to someone else.  If someone makes an especially large purchase in your store, pay it forward by giving a server an extra big tip.  And on it goes; who will be touched we may never know.  And it sure gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when I share.  Because of this I will never be rich in dollars.  And that’s just fine with me!